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Marine Life 3D Sea Animal Ceramic Coffee Mugs

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Update time : 2021-06-29 21:10:00

3D Sea Animal Design Marine Life Ceramic Mug Cups ( 450 ml )

Currently There are total 7 Designs with stock available at factory .

Such As

- Dolphin

- Whale

- Penguin

- Crab

- Lobster

- Hippocampus

- Octopus

All These Pattern Designs are Handpainted and quite vivid , cute , lovely and quite welcomed for export and hot selling in the world market especially for Babies , Children and Couples . All these cups are made from Durable Porcelain and made in Dehua of China , The World Famous Ceramic Capital .

These 3D Mugs are Applicable for Drinking Water , Coffee , Milk , Espresso , Latte , Beer , Tea , Yogurt , etc and Can be used at home , Office , Hotel , Restaurant and Bars .

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