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Female Human Body Dried Flower Ceramic Vase

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Update time : 2022-06-21 20:25:00

Human Body Vase, Female Body Ceramic Vase Flower Container Vase Modern Art Home Office Wedding Housewarming, Valentine's Day Gift

  Unique and modern: the human vase is abstract and elegant. The perfect decoration of contemporary art like home, kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, office, dining room, florist, etc. Add beauty to your life. 

  Ideal decoration: simple and charming human body ceramic vase to beautify your flowers. It highlights the charm of the whole building and creates a comfortable living environment. Best flowerpot: made of high quality frosting, it is very suitable for flower arrangements, large flowers, orchids, silk, dried flowers or artificial flowers and vase fittings. 

  The perfect gift: Bring this beautiful vase to share the perfection with your friends and family. Perfect gift for Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Housewarming, Holidays, Mother's Day, Anniversary, Wedding, Anniversary, etc. 

  Package only contains one vase and does not include flowers . Due to the fragility of the ceramic, we use reinforced packaging to prevent damage to the product. 

  Features: Specially designed for flowers and plants. The modern and simple design perfectly presents your home and makes you more stylish and relaxed. Let your home be full of fresh and artistic atmosphere. 


 -1. Material: Ceramic 

- 2. Color : White , Red , Orange , Yellow 

- 3. Size: Length 10 cm x Width-9.3 cm x Height 21 cm x Opening 8.8 cm

- 4. Content : 1 bottle of human body. 

****** Comment: 

- 1. Please note that flowers are not included. 

- 2. Due to the irregular shape and manual measurement, the size may be slightly different. 

- 3. The product may break due to falling glass. 

- 4. Packaging : Individual Packing by 1 piece

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